Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lilac Festival 2012 - flowers

Another Lilac Festival, and the flowers were actually blooming. (Usually that happens a week later.)

This year there were buskers, dance schools, martial arts, non-prof vendors, bling vendors, craft vendors, musician (although fewer stages set up) and the new food trucks. They say there were fewer crowds this year, because of the cool weather, but I still felt like a cow trapped in a slow moving herd when I walked on the road.

I took more candid people photos and discovered the Auto-Focus for lens #2 (zoom) on the new Pentax Q was too slow for the taskThe Q was also slow when processing. Don't know if it was a battery thing, or the way the camera is. Will have to explore more. Still, I was glad I took the K-5, as well.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reggae Festival 2011-11 - Freddie McGregor

Just learned that this photo I took of Freddie McGregor at last year's ReggaeFest was published in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Stephen Magazine.

The organizers of the festival probably gave the photo to Stephen from the freebee CD I gave them last year. Thing is, they didn't call. They didn't write. They didn't tell me anything. If it wasn't for an email from a friend who saw my name on the photo in the paper copy of Stephen, I probably wouldn't have known at all.

Now I gotta go find a copy.

mythical creatures

Untitled by Wanderfull1
Untitled, a photo by Wanderfull1 on Flickr.

Spotted a photo-shoot at Prince's Island Park, this afternoon. Although I felt like a bit of a poacher, you can take pictures of only so many geese. Mythical unicorns are much more interesting.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

129/366... brighter than tatooine's 2 suns

Someone has chalked out bits of a Star Wars story about a short stormtrooper that falls in love. I don't know where the story begins, but it's on Centre Street bridge, this stairway, and in my neighborhood. This was part 4. What I can read is

"Until he met a trooper... This trooper made his heart burn brighter than tatooine's 2 suns."

I gave it a poster edge treatment in Photoshop.