Sunday, August 26, 2012

239/366...August 26/12... not fat, poofy

Spent the day putzing around in my "garden" and shooting whatever came in range. My photo ham paid me a visit again. The photo of the day was going to be either this guy or my cat sleeping.

Friday, August 17, 2012

230/366... August 17/12

230/366... August 17/12 by Wanderfull1
230/366... August 17/12, a photo by Wanderfull1 on Flickr.
An extreme crop of a photo taken 30 feet away with my Canon Powershot G10. Fixed the pixel decay with noise reduction and dry brush filter in Photoshop CS5.

Global Fest - Human Rights Forum - Judge John Reilly

Judge John Reilly, a retired circuit judge once based out of Cochrane, wrote the book "Bad Medicine" which exposed First Nations band leadership corruption and injustice in the courts. Not long after the book was released he did a TEDxCalgary talk about some of his experiences. Judge Reilly was one of the discussion panelists for the Global Fest Human Rights Forum - Justice.

Monday, August 13, 2012

226/366...August 13/12... Human Rights

Dr. Marie Delorme, CEO of the Imagination Group of Companies, gave a 5 minute summary of First Nation people's historical relationship with the Canadian government. This was an introduction to today's Global Fest Human Rights Forum discussion panel called "Fact or Fiction - Debunking Common Myths of Aboriginal Issues," the first of a series of discussion panels that will be held at the downtown Central Library's John Dutton Theatre all this week. Former mayor Al Duerr was today's moderator. Also on the panel was Christy Morgan, Acting Director for the Calgary Urban Aboriginal Initiative (CUAI).

Global Fest Human Rights Forum

Saturday, August 11, 2012

224/366...August 11/12... black henbane

Just recently I joined the Calgary Horticultural Society. In their current August/September newsletter Ann Van de Reep, garden designer for the Calgary Zoo, wrote an article about this plant, the black henbane. According to her article, "all parts of black henbane are poisonous to humans and animals. Even the smell of the flowers can produce giddiness, dizziness and confusion."

I found this one on the bike path hill above Prince's Island parking lot. I checked the City of Calgary web site and didn't find it on their list of invasive plants to be concerned about, but when I called 311 they said they would look into it.

Invasive Alien Species: Black Henbane
Notes on poisoning: black henbane

Monday, August 6, 2012

Grassi Trail, Kananaskis, AB

Two road trips in one weekend... how lucky is that!

Saturday, I went to Hanna and then Dorothy with some Calgary FlickrMeets people. Explored the ruined roundhouse in Hanna... discovered dead birds, dead vehicles, and lots of bird poop. Then we went to Dorothy and found cows and deer on the way and then restored churches.

Sunday, I went with friends (the long scenic route) to Grassi Trail in Kananaskis. Risked the heights to see pictographs and get this view of the pond.

Both days were extremely hot, as was today. Plus 30 today, I think, which is why I did a quick walk to Prince's Island to scope out the Heritage Day Festivities. Looked like the heat kept the crowds away, so I decided to head back to the coolness of my apartment.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

214/366... August 1/12... family history

Sometimes I get sidetracked. This is Heritage Week in Calgary. While searching for the age of my home in the Henderson's Directory online, I somehow found myself searching for my family history and discovered information about my great grandparents. I spent this afternoon digging up more info on Albert Aspinall, my great grandfather, who was a member of the Canadian Mounted Police in Calgary. This is a photo of a photocopy of his obit, on file at the Glenbow Museum Archives.

I edited with Corel PhotoPaint to make it look like an old newsprint.