Saturday, July 30, 2016

Inglewood Sunfest 2016

Spent some time, got a little burnt, and found the best pizza at the Inglewood Sunfest. Here are some photos posted to Flickr and a couple extra. A couple needed to be in color, but most look pretty cool in black & white. Click on the picture to see the larger size.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Stampede 2016

Aside from this year's Stampede being rained/hailed out - almost every single day - an odd thing happened on my Flickr page.

Every Stampede I try to find something different to photograph than the year before.  Gotta admit, my enthusiasm for attending Stampede functions this year was low.  Skipped the parade.  Skipped the breakfasts.  Missed my favorite Rope Square events, due to weather.  Did do the traditional Sunday walk-about on the grounds with my friend; explored the Indian Village location and had an interesting time on the midway.

The odd thing on Flickr was that my "Wild Ride" photo of a girl having fun on a midway ride received over 3,000 views and 134 favorites within a couple of days of posting.  True, Flickr invited it to their Explore page, which does boost visibility, but this is the first of my Explore photos to reach such high stats so quickly.  So far I have had 5 photos invited to Flickr Explore.
Here are some of my Calgary Stampede 2016 shots posted to Flickr:

Heavy horses
Running wild in the new Indian Village
Wild ride 2
Yellow submarine
My Minion
Mini donkey
I called this shot "boredom, fear, and fun."  While the facial expressions are pretty revealing, the girl pretending boredom is particularly funny.  Look at the way she's clutching the safety rail as if her life depended on it.
Wild ride
Olympic Plaza's Rope Square, rained out

Here's a Snippet capture of the "Wild ride" photo as seen on Flickr: