Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women's March on Washington - Calgary Sister March

Today women in over 600 countries gathered together in solidarity with the Women's March in Washington, DC.  I watched a bit of it over live Facebook feed. While I gathered my photography gear together I listened to Michael Moore and a little bit from the mayor of Washington. But the one person that got me revved, and millions of people who created "nasty" placards, was Ashley Judd's performance of "I Am a Nasty Woman," a poem written by a 19 year old Nina Donovan from Tennessee.

Calgary stepped up, as well, with thousands of people converging on Olympic Plaza and the Municipal Plaza. There were placards and poets, singers and speech makers, drummers and a rousing rendition of Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman." Jann Arden and k.d. lang were there, but I only saw them in the photos other people took.  There were activist women and men shouting out to be heard.  Everyone had their own reasons for being there.

There were also counter-protestors (6 of 'em).  One familiar face in the counter-protestor group I've seen protesting against whatever a rally is for be it the environment, anti-racism, or human rights. I think he likes the heckling attention he gets.

 A guy named Kelsey Norman actually made a video where he interviewed several of the participants, then posted it to YouTube.

Why I was there...

I marched for women in emergency shelters, because the ones who are supposed to love them abuse them instead.  I marched for missing and murdered women and the unfair treatment of their families seeking closure. I marched for ethnic women and Indigenous women who face discrimination.  I marched for women on social assistance because they cannot make a decent wage to take care of their children.   I marched for women who earn less than men doing the same job.  I marched for women afraid to live because of male predators. I marched because some men, too many men, still don't get it and expect women to smile.

So, I marched.

And here are some of the things I saw as I marched. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Tsui Tsina Elder blessing the rally.

Tenya Gwinn, Calgary Public Library's newly appointed Indigenous Liaison, sings with Adora Nwofor (one of the March's coordinators), and  Anila Yuen (Centre for Newcomers, CEO). 

Frank Shepard Fairey, artist famous for Obama portrait, created artwork for the March.

I was have difficulty shooting a decent shot showing how large the crowd was; people kept coming, and coming, and coming.

Adora Nwofor (one of the March's coordinators), with Grant Neufeld providing the megaphone

Poet Sheri-D Wilson.


Anila Yuen (Centre for Newcomers, CEO)

Micheline Maylor, Calgary's poet laureate.

Tenya Gwinn, Calgary Public Library's newly appointed Indigenous Liaison

Aurora Claire Bourin, Trans Equality Society of Alberta

Adora Nwofor, MC and one of the rally organizers.

Marcia Bigsnake



Counter protestors



Sunday, January 15, 2017

Photographer's Diet

What makes a good photograph? 

This Photographer's Diet video narrows it down to a simple DIET: Design, Information, Emotion, and Timing.

Happy New Year - 2017

Some shots from the City of Calgary New Year's Eve party in Olympic Plaza.