Friday, January 8, 2021

It's Winter - There's COVID.

 It's winter. 

There's COVID. 

Going nowhere. Nowhere to go. 

Chillin' with my super warm chubby tabby. 

Looking out my window at the beautiful outside.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

COVID Christmas

This year the COVID pandemic changed how people spent Christmas. Social distancing rules made the gatherings smaller and/or more creative. 

I tend to regard all gatherings with a bit of dread and a whole lot of anxiety and every year have to drag myself into the spirit of Christmas.  

Sure I like Christmas music (played in December), Christmas movies (yeah Grinch  & Scrooge!), food (mandarin oranges and dark home-made fruitcake), Christmas light displays, and snow. Snow! Love the snow! This year it came all at once, in one night, burying birdbaths and feeders. 

But there's also the anxiety of buying gifts, making small-talk at social gatherings, and generally being with people. Not any of my favourite things.

Personally, I thought this COVID Christmas was going to be a cake-walk.  Everyone had to stay home in their restricted bubbles. I could spend Christmas at home, alone. No stress! Well, until King Kenney made a decree at the last possible moment (that I chose to ignore) that single people could invite one person into their homes.

Then interesting things happened. 

There seemed to be way more Christmas displays set up in my neighbourhood, and a month sooner, too.  There was the giant inflatable Abominable Snowman from the movie Rudolph, a trio of friendly penguins waving at passerby's, and subtle little ornaments some easily missed but a delight to find. 

One Sunday morning near Centre Street Bridge, a family dressed in Santa suits greeted pedestrians and traffic with cheerful smiles and waves and wishes of Merry Christmas. 

On Christmas Eve afternoon my community association organized a Drive-By Santa, on a firetruck! Santa on a drive-by got me out of my safe little no-Christmas cave. Although, later I would wonder at the wisdom of someone my age chasing a firetruck through snowy streets during a mini Chinook. (Couldn't move much the next day or two. Still, worth it!)

Still, as always, my intentions to photograph one thing turns into me seeing much more. 

Like the lady who stood at her front door and honked a bike horn at Drive-By Santa.

Like the family that built a mountainous snow fort, big enough for a kid to snowboard down one side.

Like the small group that gathered in front of an elderly woman's front door to serenade her with Jingle Bells. 

On that epic snowy Monday evening, I spent a few hours on a Zoom Christmas party with some lovely grannies.  This Christmas I even baked fruitcake cookies and oatmeal bread and smoked ham. Some I shared without the usual tinge of insecurity.  

A most unusual Christmas, indeed. But, as usual, a Christmas that turned out pretty okay. Hope your's was pretty okay, too.