Tuesday, March 8, 2011


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People often tell me they think I'm creative, then they claim that they are not. Ever watch toddlers play? (Before they are introduced to electronic games.) I believe everybody is creative and has something to say, it's just been programmed out of us by parents, peers, life. I like Canadian photographer Freeman Patterson’s comment “nobody can survive for less than a minute without using imagination.”

Trolling through Google I found some web sites that I hope help spark the creative instinct. I threw in the right brain/left brain test just for fun. Don't believe it if it says you're not creative. You just have a lot more deprogramming to do.

9 Attitudes of Highly Creative People – Darren Rowse.

Photo of the Day to Increase Photography Creativity – Loreen Liberty

Creative Composition in Digital Photography – Wayne Turner

Right Brain / Left Brain Creativity Test - Art Institute

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