Saturday, October 13, 2018

Cat's World - video

Sarah Rose - Cats' World from SokoLove on Vimeo.

So, I'm browsing around Vimeo looking for interesting and inspiring short films and animations and I came across Sarah Rose's beautiful little "Cat's World". The lighting and photography are dreamy. Which makes sense from a dreamy cat's perspective. Lovely.

So far the videos I've taken of Lana look similar to the clips you find in cat compilations on YouTube. This afternoon I tried getting some sleepy shots of Lana in her favourite rocking chair. Unfortunately, it turned into a bit of a war movie when somebody's large fluffy white cat with dark grey cap and tail and hippy neckerchief decided to visit my patio.

Spitting. Clawing. Growling. Yowling. Grabbing at curtains. And that was just Lana. I tried to film it, but silly me turned "record" on too late so I just caught spitting and yowling.  I guess I'm not ready to shoot battle scenes just yet.

I wonder if people who let their cats wander around saw what it does to other people's cats would be more considerate and keep their pet at home. A quick spray of water sent the intruder on its way. Which I felt bad about because it's cold and snowing outside.

Lana went back to her favourite chair, but even in her restful place, she was alert to who or what might be lurking outside.

Here's a super short clip of Lana trying to relax. Both short Lana vids were shot with a Canon 80D and edited (fade in/out and converted to a small MP4 file) with Clipchamp.

The song in the background is "Castell Gwydir" from the album "Fully Present" (© 2010, Sawchuk Home Studios) performed and composed by Stephen Sawchuk. Stephen and I used to jam together back in the 90s before he and his wife moved to Ontario. Stephen on electric guitar, me on electric bass. The complete "Fully Present" album can be enjoyed on Stephen's Muon Bluze website.

I've enrolled in a January DSLR Video course at SAIT and am currently going through a series of tutorial videos (freely accessible through the Calgary Public Library webpage).

Starting point... two cats fighting... goal Cat's World.

Taking my photography to another level.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Calgary Zombie Walk 2018 - with video

So I went to the Calgary Zombie Walk today and decided to do something a little different. I attempted to make a video!

It was a much smaller group this year. Probably because of the big snowfall we had on Tuesday. Or maybe it was because the event was cancelled on the Facebook Events page. Who knows? Still, fun as you can see from the big smiles on these scary ladies.

The zombies did a flash mob dance of Michael Jackson's Thriller. No rehearsals. No repeating. One of my favourite zombies, the sweatshirt zombie, is in character as soon as she arrives in Olympic Plaza and stays in character the whole afternoon. She's brainlessly hilarious in the video.

I edited my single take video with Clipchamp, a freebie editing website I found using Google search. It took about an hour to process after I edited. Then another half an hour to upload to YouTube. Not sure why. Aside from shooting Lana dozing on a chair (very exciting, yawn), this is my second attempt at DSLR video. There is much to learn. lol

Of course, I also took lots of photos. (Click on images to see larger size.)