Friday, September 9, 2011

yarn bombed

yarn bombed by Wanderfull1
yarn bombed, a photo by Wanderfull1 on Flickr.

The Family of Man statues have been yarn bombed again. One winter it was rainbow colored leg warmers. Today, it's a white burka with matching rainbow mitt and cap created by fiber artist Suzen Green. Called "The Come From Away, " it's part of the Artcity Festival happening this week.

I've seen yarn bombings on smaller scales around downtown, but this is huge. There seems to be a movement of fiber artists keeping the city's park benches and statues colorfully warm.

This Flickr Yarn Bombings set shows some of the fiber art I've discovered.


The Come From Away

Family of Man Gets Yarn Bombed

Calgary's Knit in Public Day and the Art of Yarn Bombing


Calgary ArtBombing Tags

Lasqueti Press - Artist Books and Fine Arts Studio of Linda M. Cunningham

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pride Calgary 2011

The 2011 Pride Calgary parade and party was huge this year! Everyone and their dog was there.

Mayor Nenshi marshaled the parade and gave a speech at the beginning of the party, held this year at Shaw Millennium Park. Heck, the fact that he is the only mayor in Calgary's history to actually even attend a Pride function might have something to do with the size of the crowd. But not necessarily.

Mayor Nenshi wasn't the only politician to attend the parade. Dr. David Swann, current leader of the provincial Liberal party walked, as he has done in past parades. Now that Pride is so huge, it has prompted other policitians to join in the parade. Kent Hehr, another everywhere-man and MLA for the Calgary Buffalo constituency was glad-handing. His father, a longtime member of the Kerby Choir, showed his support by doing is famous Elvis impression. Dr. Raj Sherman, a legislative Independent and incumbent for the provincial Liberal leadership election was also there.

If anything, Pride is not just about sexual preferences. Pride also about the freedom to love and treating people equally. I loved Mayor Nenshi's shirt (on so many levels) which read "Straight Not Narrow." Also, my thanks to the hostess who gave a long list describing the types of people attending; gay, lesbian, transgender, two spirited, social activists. She gave be a label (besides photographer) that I could claim as my own, "ally." Anything that brings peace, positivity, and makes this world a little better place to live in... I'm all for.

I've been to three Pride parades and parties and they have gotten bigger each year. It's a movement. It's a celebration. It's amazing.


An interesting side note... just discovered that Freddy Mercury, lead singer and driving force for the rock band Queen, would've been 65 today. Happy Birthday, Freddy!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photography Tips on YouTube

A while ago I subscribed to several YouTube video channels that give information or lessons in photography. Some have turned out to be annoyances (like Fro Knows Photo), but one, the Marc Silber channel, has consistently produced interesting and exceptional interviews with professional photographers. One I like in particular is Photography Tips From Fine Arts Photographer Huntington Witherill. It could be because what he says reflects how I feel about photography... the passion bordering on obsession... but I also find the fact that he has a background in 2D graphic design interesting. Makes me want to go out and take some art classes.