Sunday, June 4, 2017

Lilac Festival 2017

Another Lilac Festival - same crowds - more food trucks - mellow entertainment (except for Brother Bicker!).  There were the usual non-profit organizations, dance schools, and theatre groups, but where were the local crafts-people? Why so few musicians - and why so mellow? Where were the street performers? So many tables seemed to be an extension of stores already on 4th Street. Or cheap made in China touristy stuff.

So, why do I keep going?  Well, I have a crappy memory and a year later, I forget how disappointing the festival was.

Plus, I like to shoot people (and their pets).


  1. Hey Wanda,

    Thanks for the shout out for Brother Bicker! We had a great time playing Lilac Festival this year and really appreciate you checking us out and getting that great photo (and the kind words!)

    Have a great day and thanks again.

    Jeremy from Brother Bicker

    1. Hi Jeremy. Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment. The band's high energy performance made taking photos easy. It was choosing which one to post that was difficult. Let me know if you'd like a copy - totally free. (Email:

      All the best and hope to see Brother Bicker perform again soon.