Sunday, February 24, 2013

NMC Ground-Breaker Shaker - High Kicks

Last Friday night the National Music Centre celebrated the official ground breaking for the site of the fantastic new National Music Centre, planned to be built around the old King Eddy, with a Ground-Breaker Shaker party.

The Golden Age Club in East Village was jam packed with supporters. Entertainment included the Bobby Kork Orchestra, the High Kicks, Matt Masters and the Gentlemen of the Rodeo, and the King Eddy Blues All-Stars.

This is Danny Vacon and Matt Doherty performing as High Kicks.  They are also in the popular local rock group The Dudes.  Danny, the bass player, is fascinating to photograph.  He knows how to play to the camera as well as the audience.  Basically, he just knows how to play.


The New NMC
The NMC Breaks Ground

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1 Billion Rising 2013 - dancers

A 1 Billion Rising event was held at The Core during lunch hour on Valentines Day (2013). The purpose of 1 Billion Rising (a world-wide happening) was to raise awareness of violence against women. Rather than being a somber affair, the event was also a celebration of women's strength in solidarity. Local dancers performed and then were followed by anyone who wanted to dance their support.


1 Billion Rising YYC

One Billion Rising

Global News TV video

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Glam shot

Glam shot by Ricky Leong
Glam shot, a photo by Ricky Leong on Flickr.

Fellow photographers goofing around at the opening of our "One Place, Six Perspectives" (Feb 3) exhibit at Pages Books in Kensington.  From left to right: James Tworow, Linda Cunningham, Nathalie Babineau-Griffiths, me, and Dave (DJ) King. Missing Ian Proctor (in Hawaii).

Exposure 2013 - Try to Go See List

The new Exposure 2013 photography festival guide is out and has a ton of exciting things happening in Calgary this year!! Including Alberta & Arizona: People & Places a big profile exhibit showing at the downtown Central library and with guest speaker presentations at several Library branches. So much to see... so little time... really gonna have to pace myself! lol

So far I've seen the Alberta and Arizona: People and Places, photos and stories exhibit on display on the main floor Art Wall at the downtown Central branch.  They are mostly shot in Alberta and are worth seeing. I have yet to see the displays at the other branches, but I'm sure they're excellent as well.

The smiling faces in the "100 Years 100 Faces of the Stampede" exhibit at the Resolution Art Gallery in Kensington are also worth checking out.  How can you view 100 smiling faces and leave without a smile on your face?

Haven't seen it yet, but I've heard the Herzog Vancouver street photography at the Glenbow Museum is really good, too.

Also on my "Try to Go See" list are:

  • "Stop Making Sense" - Alberta College of Art & Design 2nd year students, Feb 3 to 9, Room 371
  • "Splendid Isolation" - Esker Foundation, Jan 19 to Apr 21
  • "Tripping the Streets Fantastic" - Fluevog, The Peanut Gallery
  • "Perception" - Newzones, Feb 9 to Mar 9
  • "Walls Between People" - Founder's Gallery and the Military Museums
  • John Cohen - National Music Centre
  • "Jane Doe & Paris" - Resolution Art Gallery, Feb 18 to Mar 10
  • "Haunt" - Untitled Art Society UAS Satellite Gallery, Feb 6 to Feb 10

A movie with music, mayhem, and a magic camera!

If you have this Thursday afternoon free, have a look at the Bollywood movie "Aa Dekhen Zara" playing at the downtown Central Library.

"Aa Dekhen Zara" is the story of a struggling photographer (aren't we all?) who inherits a camera that photographs the future!

When: Thursday, February 7, 1:00 - 3:30
Where: Central Library, 616 Macleod Trail, John Dutton Theatre (2nd floor)
Cost: FREE!

Six Points of Perspective

Westbrook LRT StationExposure 2013 - P1000682 8x10 bwExposure 2013 - P1000570-8x10Exposure 2013 P1000570 8x10Exposure Ex 2013_IMG6072Exposure - 2013_IMG5966
Exposure - 2013_IMG5963Exposure 2013_IMG5817-145th Street LRT StationExposure - 2013_IMG5805
Westbrook LRT StationExposure - 2013_IMG5802Exposure 2013_IMG5751-1Exposure - 2013 - P1000399
Six Points of Perspective, a set on Flickr.
There could only be three. Three photos for the Exposure 2013 exhibit called "One Place, Six Perspectives" showing at Pages Books in Kensington, from February 1 to April 27, 2013. By request, here are the photos submitted for the exhibit. These are the three chosen by Linda Cunningham, the exhibit curator.

The exhibit opening was Sunday afternoon, February 3, where I flitted around like a butterfly on steroids greeting people and showing them all our photos. Exhausting, but fun.

Now throughout February, I'll be flitting around the city checking out some of the fascinating photography listed in the Exposure 2013 Guide.