Sunday, January 9, 2011

HPR Midway 2011

Last night, I attended the High Performance Rodeo Midway with a bunch of friends from the Start to Photograph Meetup group. This year marks HPRs 25th anniversary.

They're doing things a bit different with the Midway this year. There is a midway show every Friday and Saturday evening at the EPCOR Centre for Performing Arts.

The theme for the first Midway weekend was Sonic Doom. Through mostly electric noise, it was a tribute to the end of mankind. There were computer musician (people making noise with their laptops), an acid rock duo, and dancers.

The sideshows included a photo booth where you could get dressed up in costumes and have your photo taken for $4. There was also a Tarot card reader, tucked away in a corner, bits of sculpture and multimedia art.

Last year the Midway was one weekend, had more side-shows, and was jam-packed with things to photograph. Spreading it out to four weekends might be spreading it a bit thin. We'll see how the other weekends go.

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