Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Hoping

A new year with new hopes. Photography pretty much consumes me. When I'm not taking photos I'm thinking about how I'll edit them or I'm taking photography courses or organizing photography outings.

Last December, I completed Mount Royal's Photography Level II course. It was a bit disappointing because the instructor pretty much repeated a lot of what he taught in Level I. The Photoshop lab time was only three classes, as well. So, I've decided to enroll in SAITs five week Photography Certificate Fast Track summer program. That is, if they ever allow me to register. I tried three times last week. The third time I was told that may it will be set up for registration by the end of next week. Here's hoping.

My hope is to somehow make some kind of living with my photography. Having three people bid for "Fluffy" at the Library silent auction was encouraging. So is the feedback I get from the Meetup Start to Photograph group I joined in November. They've made me a co-organizer. So far, the wicked cold winter weather is making outings a little tough. Tonight I've organized a trip to the High Performance Rodeo Midway. It's indoors. I also continue to contribute to the Calgary Public Library's Photo Club, its Flickr page, and its blog.

So, this year continues with more of what I did last year... photography!

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