Sunday, April 11, 2010

middle of the night

middle of the night
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Going through older shots, this one kept coming to mind. Although technically it is out of focus, shaky, and dark, the scene strikes a mood of solitude; and makes me wonder why someone would be walking alone in the dead of night, in the middle of winter.

Quite often I hunt through the Public Library's online catalogue for inspirational photography books.  Last week I decided to have a look at what is on the shelves at the downtown Central Library.  I'm going to need more time and a bigger backpack. The size of the collection, and some of the books, is huge.  One book that grabbed me was a thick little yellow book entitled Drive-By Shootings: Photographs by a New York Taxi Driver by David Bradford.

Formerly an art director for an ad firm, David quit his job to become a taxi driver because it gave him the freedom to do what he really loved - taking photos.  Originally, he had planned on painting pictures of the photos he made, then he realized the photos were his art.  The book's added text by Gerhard Waldherr gives  wonderful snapshots of what it is like to drive cab in New York.

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