Monday, August 6, 2012

Grassi Trail, Kananaskis, AB

Two road trips in one weekend... how lucky is that!

Saturday, I went to Hanna and then Dorothy with some Calgary FlickrMeets people. Explored the ruined roundhouse in Hanna... discovered dead birds, dead vehicles, and lots of bird poop. Then we went to Dorothy and found cows and deer on the way and then restored churches.

Sunday, I went with friends (the long scenic route) to Grassi Trail in Kananaskis. Risked the heights to see pictographs and get this view of the pond.

Both days were extremely hot, as was today. Plus 30 today, I think, which is why I did a quick walk to Prince's Island to scope out the Heritage Day Festivities. Looked like the heat kept the crowds away, so I decided to head back to the coolness of my apartment.

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