Sunday, August 4, 2013

Inglewood Sunfest 2013

Inglewood Sunfest 2013 - retro bass by Wanderfull1
Inglewood Sunfest 2013 - retro bass, a photo by Wanderfull1 on Flickr.
Spent most of Saturday in Inglewood. Every time I go to Inglewood I find something new to love.

First, I started off the day wandering the back streets of Inglewood with a new photo Meetup group called Photo to Brew. The idea being we meetup, take photos, and then go for a brew. The call to shoot the Inglewood Sunfest was strong, though, and I didn't join the group for the lunch and brew part. Maybe next time.

At the festival vendors lined both side of 9th Avenue for blocks and performers (some from the Fringe Festival) were everywhere. There was a lot to see and a lot of people wandering around looking. The regular neighborhood stores had special sales, as well.

Robinson's Camera had a big sale on Pentax stuff. Wound up unexpectedly buying a new lens (75-300mm), a double pack of remote cable releases, and a level all for less than $200. I won't go into what I got at Recordland, but I could've easily spent that much there, too.

The performers were great, but I found myself returning to The Blues Can. First I saw a trio called Stone of Nowhere. They described themselves as being mostly 14 year olds, but their style was vintage. (This photo is their bass player.) They nailed a Led Zeppelin classic better than some musicians I've heard twice their age. Later on I saw some older fellows doing some majorly smooth blues riffs. Pure heaven.  Will definitely have to check out more of The Blues Can, I think.

The Inglewood Sunfest is not quite as big as the Lilac Festival or Kensington's Sun & Salsa Fest, which is a good thing.  You can get still get close to the vendors and performers.  Still, I think it will become another major festival to check out every summer.


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