Monday, September 2, 2013

Pride Calgary 2013 Parade We are all born to be loved-

Calgary Pride was huge as Calgary’s LGBTQA community partied hardy Sunday, September 1. The parade seemed three times the size of last year's with more banks, politicians, athletes, police (marching), local media, churches, non-profit organizations, and furries in attendance.

What I love about Pride is the positive vibe. It's like a big a Love Fest. Plus, you meet some interesting people. One fellow I spoke with before the parade started was working on a film documentary on k. d. lang. He was hoping she would make an appearance. I was hoping for George Takei. Unfortunately neither showed, but there were other famous people.

Mayor Nenshi, several aldermen including John Mar and Druh Farrell, Premier Redford, Liberal Leader Raj Sherman, and MLA Kent Hehr (with Elvis impersonator father) were there. Nenshi reverted to teacher-mode and made a speech that was inspiring. Redford said something mostly forgettable. Sherman didn't make any speech, but during the parade he commented in passing on the "beautiful baby" the lady standing beside me was holding.

Olympic athletes and celebrities from CBC were also in the parade.

There seemed to be more businesses, especially banks, this year. Was disappointed that my workplace did nothing officially, even though I saw at least three co-workers in the parade.

Traditionally, the Unitarian Church rainbow flag notes the end of the parade. This year was different with a ton of other entrees following.

Another difference was how low key the marchers were this year. Meaning no nudity and no kinky. Definitely a family parade.  While there were a few people dressed in just their undies, the festival at Shaw Millennium Park was also mostly tame in comparison to past events. Although I did overhear two police officers comment on someone "crossing the line."

Everyone seemed to be having a great time... kids, parents, seniors, and furries!


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