Thursday, May 8, 2014

Garbage Daze Festival

Grunge - National Music Centre 2
Accidentally found myself at a Punk concert last Friday night at the National Music Centre.  Got my dates mixed up. I was expecting to go to a GlobalFest hip hop concert.  Instead I stumbled upon Calgary's underground Punk scene and the first concert for the Garbage Daze Festival.

Since I was there, I took photos anyway.  The venue was dark.  The music was grungy. Lyrics meant nothing, because you couldn't make out what they were yelling.  I guess it's a great way to get your rage out.  The audience, in black denim and chains, was actually more interesting than the musicians, but I stayed to shoot a couple bands; Strangled and Slurs.  Then my left eardrum started buzzing; my indicator that the sound was too loud for me. It was time to leave.

So I set my camera to auto AV/TV and let the camera choose the ISO -- for natural grunge.

Grunge - Slurs singer 1
Slur singer

Grunge - Slurs singer 2
Slur singer

Grunge - Slurs

Grunge @ National Music Centre 1

Grunge - Strangled bass player
Strangled bass player


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