Thursday, August 28, 2014


On one of my Facebook groups someone posted that Calgarians are no longer friendly.  The other day I met a friend for lunch in Inglewood.  As I was sitting on the park bench in front of the Inglewood burger place, I had all kinds of strangers smiling at me, saying "hi", and wishing me a good day.  A woman cycling south on 12th street smiled at me and nodded hello. My point... there are lots of nice people in Calgary.  They seem to appear when you least expect it.

After lunch my friend and I strolled the shops and ended at one of my most favorite places in the world; Recordland.

In the amazing maze of floor to ceiling CDs I stumbled upon the room where 45rpm records are stored.  I was in awe.  Not just for the number of records, but because to me it was a room of beauty.  I had to take a few photos.  Later, during editing, I thought I'd try stitching them together in Photoshop.  Awe revisited. : )

  • New Owners at Recordland - CBC EyeOpener - Note: even though the sons now own Recordland, the old guy is still on his stool behind the counter chatting with customers.

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