Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stephen Avenue

The weirdest thing.  

On September 4th I posted this photo of Stephen Avenue on Flickr.  Last night I noticed the stats.  Even though this photo has been on Flickr only 10 days it has 10,305 views and 121 favs, making it the most popular photo on my Flickr page.  It was shared with only two Calgary Flickr groups.  

I stayed up way too late trying to figure out who the 10,305 viewers were, thinking maybe it was attached to somebody's blog. Never did figure it out. 

Blows me away.

I posted it to National Geographic's YourShot website and within two seconds I received 2 favs. Holy crow!  Just checked my inbox -- now there are 12 favorites, within 6 seconds.  What the heck?

Not bad for a photo taken through a dirty Plus-15 window with a little point and shoot (Canon PowerShot G15).  Although, the Nik photo editing might have helped, too. 

Still, I've never experienced any of my photos going viral, if that's what this is.  I'll have to watch how this plays out.

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