Monday, May 16, 2016

Movie: Janis - Little Girl Blue

Spotted a riveting documentary at the Calgary Underground Film Festival, Janis - Little Girl Blue.  The movie showed Janis' life - her childhood, her hellish school days, making it in the music business, and the end through interviews with people who spent time with her back then. Including interviews with lovers; some the source of the extreme pain and loneliness that she expressed so strongly in her performances.  The most gut wrenching scene for me was an interview Janis did at her High School reunion. I felt so sad for the normally vivacious woman reduced to a shy lonely girl.  Janis was asked about attending football games and she replied that she never went. "I was never asked," she quietly added.

Janis - Little Girl Blue inspired me to explore photos taken during the 60s.  Highly recommend another documentary film, Monterey Pop, not so much for the filming but for the photo essay extras by magazine photographer Elaine Mayes.  Other documentary photography of the time can be found in Joel Slevin's book, The Haight - Love, Rock, And Revolution : The Photography Of Jim Marshall. There is also an Official Jim Marshall website with his iconic photos of the era.

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