Sunday, July 18, 2010

Calgary Stampede 2010

Calgary Stampede 2010
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Another Stampede done gone. Today is the last day of cowboy boots and hats, jeans and attempts at two-stepping. Although, I have to say I didn't do a whole lot of Stampeding this year aside from the parade, one day on the grounds and the tail end of the friendship dance at lunchtime. It was the most eventful Stampede, photography-wise, for me.

First, there was snagging Prime Minister Stephen Harper's photo as he watched the parade and then as he was leaving. He's not the first Prime Minister I've photographed. I caught Pierre Trudeau in 1979 at James Fowler Senior High School. My Journalism Art photography class was sent there on assignment. I don't remember what the event was, and the photos I took weren't that great, but it was a big thrill. I vibrated with excitement before, during and hours after the event. Harper, not so much. I only vibrated for a half hour afterwards.

Second, were the heavy horse show and the Cowboy Up competition. My little Canon G10 performed wonderfully in somewhat less than ideal lighting conditions, but still I managed to catch some really good action. Maybe next year I'll take the 50D.


Calgary Stampede Parade 2010
Calgary Stampede 2010 scenes

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