Saturday, July 3, 2010

Canada Day 2010 - Millarville Races - Canadian Mohawk

There's something about Canada Day that makes me want to get out of the city. Maybe because it's really feels like summer, finally, and summer means road tripping. This Canada Day I went with my friends to the 105th running of the Millarville Races.

Every Canada Day for the last 105 years there has been horse racing in Millarville. The first horse race is usually the local ranchers. The rest are professional riders. Bets are made and lost, but it's all for fun. In between races there are foot and sack races for different age groups.

In preparation for our major vacation road trip near the end of July, my friends let me drive their SUV. We took the scenic route via High River, missed the turn to Black Diamond, and wound up somewhere close to Chain Lakes. We'll have to work on the navigational skills, I think.

The afternoon went by too quickly. Partially because of the impromptu two and half hour road trip, but mostly I think it's because they ran only 6 races instead of the usual 9.

Still, it was nice to get out of the crowded, noisy, rushing city.

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