Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feeling cold & alone

untitled, originally uploaded by Wanderfull1.

It's interesting what you can get when you keep applying "Remove Noise" in your editing. This shot is actually a cropped shot. The original photo shows shadowy buildings in the background and not so much noise removed. It has no comments, as yet. Then again, I haven't posted it to any groups, yet. So far, the best comment for this photo is, "Burr. Makes one feel cold and alone." It "makes one feel!" Wow. It "makes one feel" has got to be the best compliment!

I've read it in photo books and I've heard it from photo instructors that making someone feel is what you strive to do when creating good photography. Still, when it actually happens... wow. It's such a thrill when my photos have an effect on others. It might not necessarily be the same thing that I felt when making the shot, but still, they FEEL! And that's something!

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