Monday, February 14, 2011

@ the Market Collective - Chris

So, I'm at the Market Collective in Kensington, looking in on a room for the local independent film group, when two young men ask me to take photos for them. One is from a local entertainment magazine. The other is Chris, a local musician. Apparently, their photographer was AWOL and since they figured I had a good looking camera, I would be able to take good photos of Chris.

Chris liked this ornate vintage chair. He said it reminded him of the old photos where people posed stoically. Even though I don't consider myself a portrait photographer (not great with the whole posing thing) this was fun to do.

Unfortunately, the guy from the magazine hasn't gotten back to me about where to send Chris' photos. I figure their photographer must have shown up, he's lost my e-mail, or he hasn't gotten around to it, yet. Patience.

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