Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baby sparrow rescue


Feeling kind of like a super hero at the moment.  One of the baby House Sparrows fell (or maybe got pushed -- could be a sibling plot) out of its nest. However it got there, the little fella was on the ground, peeping its little beak off.
The sparrow trio had been beaking-off all afternoon for food, so I really didn't pay any attention until I noticed my cat was no longer snoozing on the patio chair.  A quick check to make sure she hadn't wrapped her leash around a planter found her hunkered in the lawn, riveted to something in the grass.  I quickly reeled Kit into the apartment and then grabbed my camera (of course). 

"Who are you?"

I whipped off a few photos, then looked around for a parent.  When I didn't see any around, out getting food no doubt, I decided that if I was quick I could pop the noisy little thing back into the tree hole with mom and dad none the wiser.  I dashed for a pair of cotton gloves and a step ladder.  

I had just set up the ladder when I heard a voice from the other side of the fence ask, "Whatcha doin'?"  It was a friend on her way home from work.

"Rescuing a bird," I replied, then waved for her to come into the yard to see. 

"What are you doing?"

Slowly, I tried to pick up the little gaffer, talking to it softly.  Mostly I was saying repeatedly, "Don't bite, don't bite."  I managed to cup it in two hands without squishing it and then slowly climbed the ladder; barefoot, in a long skirt.

At this point I was so glad my friend just happened by, because by quickly holding the ladder she saved both me and the tweeter from a fall.  Gotta love synchronicity!!

So I popped the little guy into the tree hole, gave a little victory cheer, put the ladder back, and waited to see if the daddy sparrow noticed junior had a little adventure.  Daddy bird did go in and out of the hole a couple times, chirping softly.  Then he flew off to get more grub.  

Now the little ones are back to their "feed me" ruckus.  It looks like everything will be okay.

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