Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stampede Parade 2014

I got the Shat!

The big brew-ha-ha at the Stampede Parade was getting William Shatner to be Grand Marshall.

Trekkers were abuzz.  Would he ride a horse?  He raises horses. Or will he be in a car?  Turns out he chose to ride in a baby blue vintage car with Elizabeth, his beautiful wife and also a horse trainer, sitting beside him.

Now I'm not a Shatner fan.  When I was a kid watching endless Star Trek re-runs I always preferred Leonard Nimoy. Still do. He's a generous and classy guy. And a photographer, to boot. As far as Star Fleet captains go, Jean Luc Picard is my number one choice.  But Shatner has a reputation for being really pricey if you want a photo of him.  I wanted to take his photo to spite him more than anything. Turns out he was wearing sunglasses which made him look like a pudgy bug wearing a cowboy hat.

Making the shot was tricky. I had a small window of opportunity that kept getting smaller with each cop, EMS staff, and parade watcher blocking the way. Only four shots were taken.  Only one worked and it's a crop.  Still, I wouldn't have gotten even that one if I hadn't scoped out the beginning of the parade route and saw the baby blue car with Shatner's banner on the sides.  So when the parade started I knew what I was waiting for.

After taking the shot I walked over to The Bay parkade a few blocks away to take photos of the rest of the parade from the fifth level.

This lady was following the "High River Strong" float.  High River is still recovering from last year's flood.
Saw this construction worker watching the parade from hight up and thought he'd make a great shot.  It wasn't until I looked at it that I realized the Calgary Public Library float was in the background.  So I took the shot again to include the "Awesome" banner.
From the Group of Five entry.
The most fun float in the parade.
A lively pioneer.
Rock.  I took a photo of him a few Stampedes ago. Glad to see he's back and hope to see him dance.
Earlier, a huge tank did a 360 in the middle of the street.  This Shriner on a segway decided to have some fun with it.
Now I'm having fun with the tire tracks.

When I got bored with watching the parade (I've been watching them since I was a kid), I took some shots of the parade watchers.  These are my favorites.

I saw the two smiley guys in the middle and took the shot to show parade goers having fun. During editing though I discovered the boy on the left and the baby on the right both covering their eyes and thought it made the photo even better.
Don't know why, but the military seems to evoke a very patriotic response whenever they parade.  A bunch of parade-goers stood up and applauded.  These two received numerous thumbs up after doing a smoking 360 in the middle of the street.
When you're a kid it's really hard to sit still for over two hours.  These three were fun to watch as they impatiently waited for something to see.
This koala was schmoozing with the crowd.  I watched him for a while and then noticed the little boy trying to get the koala's attention.  The koala never saw him, but a marching band member did and gave the little guy a hand shake.


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