Thursday, November 25, 2010

anti-racism rally - Nov 21, 2010 - Jason and Bonnie Devine

In -15 degree Celsius temperatures, a small group of determined activists met in front of City Hall Sunday, November 21st, to protest against racism. Leading the protest were Jason and Bonnie Devine. A few weeks ago, masked men invaded Jason and Bonnie's house. Jason was attacked and beaten with clubs and bats by what Jason believed to be members of a local white supremacist group. Bonnie and their kids were asleep.

It's crazy to believe that thugs can invade someone's home and beat them up. What's crazier is that Social Services took the Devine kids, claiming they were living in a dangerous environment. On CBC Radio One, Jason said that Social Services equated their situation with drug dealers and biker gangs. Insane.

At the time of this rally, the Devine kids were back home, but Jason was still suffering from the beating. In this photo Bonnie tries to sooth a headache.

Both Bonnie and Jason are known for their activism. Bonnie was one of the candidates running for mayor in the recent civic election.

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