Saturday, November 6, 2010

B&W Workshop

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Just completed a two night, one day black and white photography workshop at Mount Royal University.

Friday night, the class discussed why we like shooting in b&w. I mentioned my mom's little red box camera and that I thought b&w told stories more vividly. Some liked the drama of b&w.

Saturday morning we wandered around Inglewood. Having shot photos there before, my challenge was to not repeat myself. Since there's so much in Inglewood to shoot, not repeating myself wasn't difficult. Saturday afternoon we returned to MRU to edit our favorite three photos with Photoshop CS. I got a taste of what it's like to be the slow one in the group. The computers (I went to two) did not recognize my Canon 50D and I went through three card readers before I could upload my photos, which put me behind whatever everyone else was doing. My energy level was (and is) still really low from the virus infection, and by the end of the afternoon I didn't like anything I shot. Still, I pulled off three photos, which the instructor printed for the Wednesday evening critiquing. It was all good. Everyone in my class pulled off really good prints.

This photo was from the Inglewood shoot, but not one edited with Photoshop. I still prefer my ten year old Corel software.

This week I start the Photography Level 2 course. Might have to do major caffeine if my energy level doesn't pick up.

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