Sunday, November 14, 2010

Old & new technology

Today, I took the new Pentax for a run through a couple of neighborhoods. I took a photo of a house roof that had an old fashioned rooster weather vane and a state of the art satellite dish. The owners dashed out of their house to talk to me. The wife actually yelped "You-hoo" like a chihuahua to get my attention.

The wife waited in the doorway as the husband, a distinguished older German fellow, asked why I was taking pictures of their house. I assured him that it wasn't their house I was photographing, but their weather vane and satellite dish. As I showed him the photo, I told him I thought it was an interesting combination of old and new technology.

"Is it for you?" he asked. Was he figuring I was making money off his weather vane and satellite dish?

"Yes it's for me," I said. "I'm a photography student, taking classes at Mount Royal, but this is mostly for me."

Then I said thank you, he returned the thanks, and I went on my way. I posted it to Flickr, but then decided that if the owners saw it they might not consider it "personal use" and decided to delete it.

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