Sunday, April 27, 2014

Comic Expo 2014

So after vowing that I would never return to the Comic & Entertainment Expo (I say it every year), I found myself on the Stampede grounds yesterday having a blast in the snow and rain taking photos.  What can I say?

Initially, I started off searching for costumers on or near the downtown C-Train line. At first I waited on the City Hall platform, then I got on the train and travelled from the end of the Free Zone and back.  I found a few costumers.  I even found a bunch of Highlanders. (Not part of the Comic Expo.)  But what I really wanted to capture were the father/son Aliens that I saw on the news casts of Friday's POW parade.

Elf trying to figure out the C-Train ticket machine.

Ninja Turtles on the C-Train.

A ComEx fan friend at work told me that the costume competition was going to be held in a big white tent on the Stampede grounds.  I thought maybe I could sneak in to catch some of the costumers going in.  Maybe see the Aliens.

So, I thought that maybe if I went in at the parking lot entrance no one would notice that I didn't have a wristband.  (Took a photo of a couple of girls behind a SUV fine tuning a satyr costume.)

Well, no sneaking was required (although I did follow in a father herding three young girls at the parking lot entrance).  When I got in I saw the big white tent, a Aliens Haunted House (for $5), and food trucks.  There were giant inflatables, too -- Elmo, Kermit, a Smurf, and something else that I can't remember at the moment.

Even better -- they had free outdoor events, like the Viking village where later the men-folk had at each other with steel weapons and much yelling.

Joseph Potosky, a member of the Sons of Fenrir

Ted watches the Sons of Fenrir fight.

The Sons of Fenrir charging up for combat.  The one in middle calling commands is Jason Clarke.

There were green meenies (my name) jumping out and scaring passersby at the entrance to the Round Up Centre.  One costumer actually berated them.  

"I saw you last night," she called out. 

"Yeah!" one creature cheered.  

"You made a little kid cry," she said.  

"Yeah!" the creature cheered again.

A costumer berating a green meenie.

There were the usual fantastic costumed volunteers, including the father/son Aliens.  Awesome!  I found them in a corralled area.  The little Alien was in character, attacking people.  Not sure who was having the most fun; the little kid attacking, the father Alien watching him, or those being attacked.  I had a blast shooting it all.

I posted a bunch to my Flickr page, but here are some of my favorite captures.

Even superheroes need hugs.

Don't know what this little critter is but it moved like it was alive.

A fluffy dragon.  This one also moved.

Watched this girl fuss with her mask before I got this shot.  She didn't know I was waiting until he put the mask on and saw me.  I think it was worth the wait.

Ted & the Happy food truck

A Flickr comment called this Spider Jerusalem.

Amazon passing a giant Kermit.

Star Wars bounty hunters.

Elvis is entering the building.

Iron Man


Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo official Parade of Wonders video.

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