Friday, April 25, 2014

Pre-Flood Construction

On the way home from work Wednesday I stopped to watch crewmen add what I thought was a preflood dike on the south end of Centre Street Bridge.  It looked like something that would redirect the Bow River when the June monsoons hit.  I watched as the driver slowly moved rocks to the river's edge.  I shot a few photos, hoping to eventually get a good splash shot.

Then the driver stopped, poke his head out his window, and stared at me.  I put my camera down, rested my chin on my hands on the Centre Street Bridge wall, and stared back.  Next thing I know, the driver is working way faster and the rocks he's dumping in the river are making great splashes.

At one time I paid a one year membership to join my community association.  Although that was a while ago, I still get the occasional email.  Today, they forwarded the following information supplied by Druh Farrell, Ward 7 Councillor.

Over the weekend Roads crews will be doing flood recovery work on the Centre Street Bridge beginning at 7 a.m. on both Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27. Crews will be repairing a scour hole in the river channel next to the bridge.

The reason work will begin early in the morning both days is because of the limited time crews have to work in the river. In-stream work in the Bow and Elbow Rivers can only be performed during two short “fish windows” that occur in April and from July to September. The approval of several regulatory bodies must first be obtained to perform work in and around waterways including river banks. Additionally The City must protect fish habitat from the potential impacts of construction.
Here’s some additional information on the work: 
  • The repair includes the backfilling of a large scour hole in the river channel next to one of the bridge piers
  • The work will involve stockpiling large rock on both sides of the river and then moving it into place with equipment operating in the river
  • The work will require access from both the north (off Memorial Drive) and the south (through Sien Lok Park) sides of the river.  Both will impact pathways.
  • Parks has already placed detours around the affected areas of the pathway.

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  1. Great story. You must become a construction crew foreman. Such an innovative, motivational strategy. Also, great photos. This is one time I totally appreciate the use of b&w.