Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nik software

Well, I bought the Google Nik Collection photo editing software, mostly because I loved the b&w filters, and partially because it only cost $145.  The need to up my photography was also a factor.

So now comes the playing.

"funky blue truck"

A funky little truck seen at the Calgary Horticultural Society's annual Garden Show held this weekend at Spruce Meadows.

Almost went a little overboard with Nik until I found the look I wanted... meaning I don't remember all the tools I used until I got the eureka moment.  I do remember adding a little bokeh effect to blur up the stones a little.

- - -

"apple & book"

Combined an HDR filter with a vintage filter (to get the frame) and a very slight vignette blur. Then made some minor level and contrast adjustments with Photoshop CS5.  For this one, the tricky part was to not make it look obviously HDR.  In hindsight, I should've removed the wood bar in the background before taking the shot.

- - -

"tye-dye sky"

I don't remember what exactly I used, but it upped the blue sky and brightened the statue.  Will have to pay better attention (read: write things out), so that I can duplicate this sort of thing.

- - -

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