Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nice Doggy...

Nice Doggy...
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My friend, the one feeding the doggy, and I went on a Calgary Flickrmeet photo field trip to the Calgary Zoo last Sunday. The weather was great, with just enough cloud cover to remove harsh shadows. It's interesting how you begin to see the world as a photographer. Things like weather and color and textures are all more meaningful.

For instance, a regular person seeing a peacock on a fence would likely say, "What a pretty peacock." A photographer's observation went something like this, "Look at how the rich brown tones of the building bring out the gorgeous blue of the peacock, and the bright white of the window trim..."

It was great hanging out with people who really SEE the world around them.



  1. Glad you enjoyed the meet, nice new blog, good luck with it... I've attempted blogging two times now, the key word is "attempted" LOL

    And keep up the photography, look forward to seeing more from you, and just keep your eyes on the Flickrmeet group to see what's up in the future...

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