Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Show Us Your Shorts Film Festival

This weekend, I was invited to volunteer for the final night of the second annual Show Us Your Shorts Film Festival. Started as a university project, Jeanette Burman, SUYS Executive Director, and Jessica Fralick, Festival Assistant, are dedicated to bringing to Calgary an interesting selection of Canadian short films. Saturday was also the awards night, held at the Plaza Theatre in Kensington. The main prize (a beautifully mounted plaque of a bronze pair of boy's underwear) went to Karen Hines for her gorgeous black and white film "A Tax on Pochsy."

 The photo is of a volunteer and Jessica (on the right) waiting at the front door for viewers to arrive.  Although the two are nicely posed, I think the eye in the foreground, the drawing on the window, and the film-headed woman on the bathroom door are what make this photo interesting.


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