Monday, March 22, 2010

Calgary School of Samba

Last Saturday was March 20th and the first day of spring. Malcolm, a founder of the Calgary School of Samba, decided it was a great reason for a school percussion jam up and down 17th Avenue. The setting sun was a bit of a photographic challenge, especially when the group headed east and the sun was shining brightly behind them. I'm sure Malcolm was wondering why I kept dashing for shadowy places to shoot from. In this shot the group was heading west with the sun full on their faces. The golden hues in the color photos is nice, but I really liked the brightness of the converted b&w versions even more.

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I'm still trying to get the hang of the new Canon 50D DSLR. Most of the photos taken Saturday were with my Canon Powershot G10. Below is the only photo of about a dozen that I shot with the 50D that I liked. The zoom lens on the 50D feels a bit intrusive compared to the little G10.

Not everyone likes a percussion band. The fellow in the wheel chair was very verbally abusive. In between his swearing he complained that the drums were messing with his hearing aid. He also tried to kick one of the drummers as she passed by him - no easy feat with only one foot.