Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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There was major tree removal done along the Riverwalk pathway, today. This is the strip of bike path north of the Harry Hayes building, between Centre Street Bridge and Edmonton Trail. By afternoon rush hour all that was left were the older, taller trees. They will probably be gone tomorrow. The area is being cleared so that the city can put in a promenade; part of the East Village "improvement" measures.

A few things urk me about these "improvement" measures. First, why couldn't they work around the trees, at least work around the older, really tall trees? Second, if I were to cut down a tree as large as the ones disappearing along this bike path the City would fine me. This, and the possible ring road over the Weaselhead, shows just how important nature is to this City council. All this development is meant to improve the property value of the condos that are currently being build in the area, except I don't see how a bald paved-over riverfront is good for property values.

Since I walk through this area on my way to work, there will probably be more photo postings to Flickr.

The Riverwalk plans, including a video, are on the City-owned Calgary Municipal Land Corporation web site.


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