Sunday, June 20, 2010

Inglewood photo field trip

Nellie Breen Park
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This is the inside ceiling of Inglewood's Nellie Breen Park gazebo. The June 18th issue of the Calgary Herald has a story about the park's gazebo. The playground is pretty cool in that the ground has some kind of cushy covering. No little knees get embedded with gravel in this park.

Saturday I went on a field trip through Inglewood with a few members of the Calgary Public Library Photography Club. I knew that Inglewood was Calgary's oldest community, but I had no idea the neighborhood was so pretty.

It's pretty vibrant, too, with a ton of neat restaurants and some very unique shops. After the group thing was over, I wandered over to Fair's Fair Books and the Galleria. Wow. I didn't buy anything, this time, only because my backpack was already full of camera stuff. I'll have to go back, sans-camera, and check out The Ironwood (which moved into Loose Moose Theatre's old digs) and the restaurant with the big parrot on the building. Oh, and maybe the Swan Pub.

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