Friday, June 4, 2010

pro-pot demonstration June 4, 2010

There was another protest this week. Odd, two in one week. The one this afternoon involved supporters of legalized marijuana use protesting the Federal Government's proposed Bill S-10 legislation in front of the Harry Hays building. According to the Department of Justice Canada web site: "The legislation provides mandatory jail time for serious drug offences, and will allow special penalties to be imposed when offences are carried out for organized crime purposes, or if they involve targeting youth." The 420 Cannabis Community believe that marijuana is harmless, should be legal for any one to use, and that organized crime gangs benefit by keeping it illegal.
I spoke with a few of the members of the Calgary 420 Cannabis Community and received tips on cookie baking, was told about doctor recommendations, and warned about the implications of the proposed Bill S-10. Everything was nice and friendly until I approached one of the leaders with a few questions. The Calgary 420 Cannabis Community membership are attempting to legalize marijuana use for anyone, not just for medicinal purposes. Her take was that marijuana was harmless and very beneficial. I asked her about users who love the weed so much they forfeit family and friends. "That's an addiction and has nothing to do with marijuana," I was told. "So you don't have any plans in place for these people?" I asked. "No," was the curt reply. "You should," I said as we both turned away.

My take on marijuana use? I believe that those that use marijuana for medicinal purposes are in the minority. The majority of tokers fall in two categories; recreational and escapist smokers. The recreational smoker puffs with friends at social occasions; parties, concerts, etc. The escapist smoker tokes any chance they can and, like the alcoholic, live for their drug. Marijuana is a relaxant and the escapist smokes until they are so sedated they barely function. They become zombies. Escapist potheads can't handle responsibility or reality very well and marijuana allows them to escape the harshness of real life, guilt-free. If members of the 420 Cannabis Community want to make their little bud legal, and if they truly are a "community," I believe they must have something in place for the escapist toker or they are courting societal disaster.


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