Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the argument

the argument
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T-Cat, harassed by a magpie. Last week it was a crow. I'm thinking he's probably messing with their nests.

The cat's name is either TJ or Tuna, but I can never tell the two apart, so T-Cat.

T-Cat is semi-feral and lives around the house next door. His people moved a couple of weeks ago, and I guess T-Cat was out roaming at the time and missed the move. Still, I haven't seen anyone come looking for him either.

I'd call the Humane Society, but recently they ran a news article indicating the society is practically giving cats away because they have so many. I'd try to take him in, but my cat is not fond of him. (She pretends she's stalking him from our balcony.)

I'll wait and then try to contact his people. It's summer and I think he'll do fine on his own, for now. The magpies and crows might beg to differ, though.

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