Monday, June 14, 2010

Centennial Grove - 100 Years of Parks in Calgary

To celebrate 100 years of parks several pieces of art have been installed in Olympic Plaza. Each of these poles represents a park in Calgary.

According to the City of Calgary Parks Department web page this display is called Centennial Grove. Here's the write up from the City of Calgary web site:

"Drawing on the imagery of the native prairie landscape of aspen groves and grasslands and in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the City of Calgary Parks, the installation symbolizes 100 trunks of aspen trees nestled in grassland. The 100 trunks represent 100 great public spaces developed by Parks in the last century. The 100 trunks are organized in modules of 10, where each group of 10 indicates a time span of 10 years. The heights of the trunks increase incrementally from decade to decade, representing the passage of time and growth of the city of Calgary between 1910 and 2010."


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